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Welcome to ByItaly.in!

We, at ByItaly, are delighted to introduce the real flavors of Italy through our vast range of Italian foods to Indian food-lovers. We bring you everything in the Italian gustatory gamut that has earned a global recognition with its unmatched taste, purity and uniqueness.

By far, India knows Italian food as pizza and pasta. But Italian cuisine has more facets than these well-established foods. And we at ByItaly want India to know about all those flavors of Italian food which are not only tasty, but also healthy. From Italy’s diamonds called truffles and liquid gold called extra virgin olive oil to the unending varieties of wines, beers and spirits, we have everything in our stock that will open a magic box for India to pamper her taste buds.

Along with pastas and pizzas, we have a variety of Italian sauces and appetizers too in our stock. We also have various Italian sweets to please Indians having a sweet tooth. We have the time-tested sweets too like honey and chocolates with us which have already grabbed an important place in Indian kitchens. And apart from indulging your gustatory senses, we take care of your appetite and digestion too with our appetizers and digestives, for which Italy is famous.

If you want to make the famous Italian pizza at home, we provide you high quality flour with no added fats or preservatives. We provide you a variety of spices and herbs like basil, rosemary, garlic, curcuma, bay leaf and many more to enrich your already spiced up food life. And we also provide you the utmost pure, tasty and healthy vegetables and legumes to make your meals complete.

Moreover, we have attractive gift boxes to let you celebrate holidays in a new Italian way! These boxes contain all your favorite goodies like honey, truffles, pure and fresh fruits, wines, natural spices and herbs, pure saffron, extra virgin olive oil, grappa, and what not!

What’s more, we have amazing special offers for you from time to time, to let you enjoy something more on your purchase, like free gifts and discounts.

Browse through ByItaly today to see our treasure of Italian foods brought as a gift specially for India, because we know that India and Italy share the same love – food! Allow us to feast your taste buds! Grab our Italian foods today!

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