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Italian Spirits and LiquorsThe tradition of sipping bitter tinctures to promote digestion was started by Hippocrates, which gave rise to a European trend that thrived in Italy and created a range of bittersweet alcoholic drinks called Italian spirits. The medieval monks across the Italian peninsula grew herbs and created recipes which they claim to be good after eating. Since then, bitter tipples taken before meals (called aperitivi) and bittersweet beverages enjoyed after meals (known as digestivi) have become a necessary part of Italian life. As Campari and Aperol are necessarily taken pre-dinner, the dark amaro is the king of the post-dinner bitter drinks. We bring you all these amazing sweet and bitter appetizers and digestives known as Italian spirits. In addition to saunf and supari, you will now have an Italian help for your appetite and digestion. Grab them and they will make your meals still tastier.

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  • Barrel Sassicaia Grappa Poli

    Barrel Sassicaia Grappa Poli

    Enjoy and drink consciously!

    Grapes: Wine Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
    Distillation: handmade, in small batches, with copper still with steam cauldrons working at discontinuous cycle
    Aroma: wood, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, licorice
    Taste: complex, structured, majestic
    Alcohol: 40% vol.
    Bottle: 500ml
    Serving temperature: 18/20°C

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